How to select products

Selection of products involves knowledge of the capabilities of the products, what requirements are applicable and what type of applications they will be used in. There are specific rules to follow selecting products that guide you to select the right product, use the product in its range of limited capabilities like temperature, pressure and flow capacity, but more important in its functionality.

Understanding the purpose, how to install the product and maintain it will improve efficiency and reliability of the designed installation with the right products.

How to select product suppliers?

With Product Gauge users can accelerate their product selection decisions by choosing the right technical characteristics, within a product category, that best match the user’s technical specifications. The search will return the "best match" for the product specification, based on the order of the selections. Product Gauge will always return the product or supplier that most closely match the technical requirements selected by the user.

See here how to use Product Gauge: How to use

Detailed product information

In addition to its unique search filter and product selection capabilities, Product Gauge contains hyperlinks to electronic product catalogues on the website of the original manufacturers and suppliers.

How to size products?

Within the requirements of your specific application, use our Product Gauge value-added search engine available on Product Gauge to find products with just a few mouse clicks. Detailed information is available in the catalogs of the original supplier that can be found in the product details on Product Gauge. Look for search engine user instructions on how to use.

Do's and Don'ts 

We offer a collection of dos and don'ts for fluid system products such as, valves, pressure regulators, filters, pressure, temperature and flow instruments