What is a Valve?

Valves can be used in a wide range of industrial applications. Valves switching and blocking process, diverse flow, bleed or vent process, regulate a flow by adjustment of the seat-styem orifice or can stop a flow or process flowing in the wrong direction. The actuation of the valves can be done manually, pneumatically, hydraulic or electronically. 

Types of Valves

Ball Valve
Bleed and Purge valve
Check valve
Excess flow valve
Gate valve
Globe valve
Metering valve
Needle valve
Plug valve
Solenoid valve

Pressure control valves/regulators can be found in Product Gauge in a separate product category "Pressure control instruments"

Valve applications:

Many types of systems contain valves with different functions. An application can be defined as a type of system with a specific functionality to control a process. A valve is a small part of the design of an application/ system with many other components like fittings, tubing, pressure instruments, quick connect couplings, flexible hoses and filters. In process units common applications are pressure, temperature or flow measurement, steam systems, mechanical seal systems for the supply of sealgas for rotating equipment, shut off valves in safety systems to shut off flow in case of an emergency, purge panels for pneumatic actuation of mulitple actuated process valves, valve control panels for the offshore industrie in platforms or subsea applications, multi stream sample selection valves and many more.

How to select valves?

Within the requirements of your specific application, use our Product Gauge value-added search filter available on Product Gauge to find for instance a Ball Valve , Gate valve or Solenoid valve  that matches your parameters with just a few mouse clicks. Detailed information is available in the catalogs of the original supplier which links are show Product Gauge.

How to select valves?


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