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Bestobell Cryogenic valve

Bestobell Cryogenic valve Gate valves also known as cryogenic on/off valve, control valve, actuated stainless steel globe valve are designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of industrial applications cryogenic service, LNG. The key features of the Bestobell Bestobell Cryogenic valve Gate valves are cryogenic hydraulic motor driven throttling valves for controlling the flow of LNG during loading and unloading, Miniature Needle Globe Valves for sampling and purging lines, unique patented Float Level Isolation Valve (FLIV) that isolates the secondary float level gauge mounted on the top of each tank (replacing the horizontally mounted cryogenic gate valve that was traditionally used), Bestobell on/off and control valves are fitted with a pneumatic diaphragm type actuator..

General info 
Brand Bestobell
Design RatingMinMax
Process media temp °C -19665
Process media temp °F -321149
Pressure Barg 50
Pressure PSI 725
Material of construction 316/316L Stainless Steel
Process Connection Type Butt Weld
Socket Weld
Size 40 mm - 80 mm
1 1/2 inch - 4 inch
No. Of Ways/Ports 2 ways
Seat material PCTFE/PTFCE
Seal material PCTFE/PTFCE
Operation Pneumatic Actuator
Manual Oval Handle
Applications cryogenic service, LNG
Industry Oil and Gas, LNG