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Wika Model 101.12 Pressure gauge

Wika Model 101.12 Pressure gauge also known as Bourdon tube pressure gauge, with plastic capillary are designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of industrial applications For heating equipment and plants. The key features of the Wika Model 101.12 Pressure gauge are With a process connection Via capillary, plastic (PE-LLD).

General info 
Brand Wika
Design RatingMinMax
Process media temp °C 060
Process media temp °F 32140
Pressure Barg 6
Pressure PSI 87
Ambient Temp °C 060
Ambient Temp °F 32140
Set/cracking/outlet control pressure Barg 6
Set/cracking/outlet control pressure PSIG 87
Material of construction Copper alloy
Process Connection Type ISO/BSP-Parallel, DIN 3852, ISO 228, JIS B0202
Size 6 mm
Accuracy (+-% of span) 4
Dial Size 27 mm
Applications For heating equipment and plants