Pressure control instruments

What are Pressure-Reducing Regulators?

A pressure reducing regulator reduces a high source pressure (e.g. an inlet pressure of 3000 psig / 207 bar) to a lower working pressure (e.g. an outlet pressure of 100 psig / 6.9 bar) that is suitable for an application. The regulator will attempt to control the outlet pressure within acceptable limits as other conditions of the gas or liquid such as temperature, pressure and flow.

As inlet pressure decreases, the force balance changes. To compensate, outlet pressure will increase. This supply-pressure effect (SPE) is a function of the design and type of regulator. If a regulator is subjected to actuating inlet pressure, and outlet pressure variations are not desirable, a more stable two-stage regulator is available.

Types of Pressure Regulators:

Pressure Reducing Regulator
Backpressure Regulator
Gas Cylinder Changeover manifold
Vaporization regulator

Pressure regulator applications:

Pressure regulators are used to reduce pressure in variety of applications like: Air, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Hydrocarbons in liquid or gas phase. NACE compliant pressure regulators in gas and oil applications. Pressure regulator applications include sample systems, over pressure protection for pumps, Differential pressure for mechanical seal systems, compressor stations, air header lines, vacuum breakers, tank blanketing regulators, steam regulators, mechanical seal systems for the supply of sealgas for rotating equipment, utilities, pressure pumps, sump pumps, wash-down stations, and injection lines. A pressure regulator is part of the design of an application/ system with many other components like fittings, tubing, pressure instruments, quick connect couplings, flexible hoses and filters.

How to select Pressure regulators?

Within the requirements of your specific application, use our Product Gauge value-added search engine available on Product Gauge to find a pressure reducing regulator, back-pressure regulator, gas cylinder changeover regulator and vaporizing regulator that matches your parameters with just a few mouse clicks. Detailed information is available in the catalogs of the original supplier which links are show Product Gauge.

More information to help you select and use Pressure control instruments:
How to select pressure control instruments?


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