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Flow Instruments

What are flow meters?

Flow instruments, flow controllers or flow control valves measure the amount of flow in mass (Weight) or volume of gas, liquid or solids passing by in a process line per time unit. Flow can be measured with an ultrasonic flowmeter or an electromagnetic flowmeter without any mechanical parts. Both flowmeters are used to measure large volumes of flow. To measure mass flow a Coriolis flowmeter or thermal mass flowmeter can be used for smaller flows with an optimal control.

Types of Flow meters

Ultrasonic flowmeters

Coriolis Mass flowmeters

Electromagnetic flowmeters

Thermal mass flowmeters

Ultrasonic flowmeter Coriolis massflowmeters Electromagnetic Flowmeters

Calorimetric Flow Meters

Variable area flowmeters

Flow controllers/ flow switches 

 Flow indicators

Calorimetric flowmeter Variable Area Flowmeter Flow switch Flowindicator

Flow meter applications

Flow measurement in process and instrumentation systems is done with flowmeters or with differential pressure instruments. They can be found in the following flow applications: Air flow control, liquid flow control, purge gas flow control, analytical flow measurement, high-velocity stream measurement, low flow gas applications, slurry applications, energy-fuel flow measurement, cryogenic flow measurement, combustion fuel control, Fluid streams like, slurry, sewage, wood pulp, chemicals, water treatment plants, high viscous fluids, food processing, flow measurement of pulp, blending systems for the petroleum industry, Biopharmaceutical bioreactors and many more.

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