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Engineers, designers and buyers have challenges looking for compliant and available pressure control solutions in the worldwide market. There might be pressure control products that fit your need but are not easy to find in paper catalogs or websites. Product Gauge offers help to easily find, select, compare and request for quote pressure regulators and back pressure regulators in a few clicks.

Special Gas Systems (SGS) - pressure regulators

SGS is a dealer in products for Tescom pressure control, Tescom pressure regulators, Tescom back pressure regulators, instrumentation fittings, and flexible hoses. SGS's valves and fittings provide excellent service for oil and gas exploration, offshore and onshore platforms.

Tescom - Pressure regulators
Tescom - Back pressure pressure regulators
Tescom - Change over manifold pressure regulator
Tescom back pressure regulator Tescom manifold change over regulator

Pressure Tech - pressure regulators

Pressure Tech is recognized globally for manufacturing high-quality PressureTech regulators for oil and gas applications. The vision of Pressure Tech is to achieve Worldwide recognition as a key manufacturer of stainless steel pressure regulators, Pressure Tech back pressure regulators, Pressure Tech hydrogen pressure control valves.

Pressure Tech - Pressure regulators
Pressure Tech - Vaporizing regulators
Pressure Tech - Hydrogen Pressure regulator
Pressure Tech Hydrogen pressure regulator

Pressure Control Solutions - pressure regulators

Pressure Control Solutions is an international trading company and is the authorized distributor for Equilibar®, LLC (US) products in Western Europe. We provide precision pressure control products such as natural gas pressure regulators, Equilibar vacuum pressure regulators, Equilibar back pressure regulators and hydrogen pressure regulating valves.

Equilibar - vacuum regulating valves
Equilibar - Electronic - pressure regulator
Equilibar - Back pressure regulators

Back pressure regulator

Pressure regulator for use in different applications

Pressure control is often managed by pressure control valves, control pressure, protecting overpressure at pumps, arrange differential pressure by tank blanketing regulators, steam regulators, natural gas regulators, Oxygen regulators or hydrogen regulators.

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Product Gauge database contains many product categories with thousands of instrumentation, fluid control and automation products. Product Gauge offers you different brands like Tescom, Pressure Tech, Equilibar, Parker, Go, Genie and many others. The product search engine and product compare function will help you to select the products of your need and request a quotation at your preferred suppliers.