How does it work?

Product Gauge search features in-depth information on technical product data, technology, techniques, applications, certification or industry standards. Product Gauge enables users to find manufacturers, suppliers, brands, distributors or OEM companies around the world.

There are too many paper product catalogues that are outdated and on the Internet there are too many supplier websites with the same broad range of instrumentation, fluid system products and other technical solutions. 

Product Gauge allows the user to easily find, select and compare thousands of instrumentation and fluid control products available from a broad range of suppliers and manufacturers with just a few clicks.

In addition to its unique search filter and product selection capabilities, Product Gauge contains hyperlinks to electronic product catalogues on the website of the original manufacturers and suppliers.

With Product Gauge users can accelerate their product selection decisions by choosing the right technical characteristics, within a product category, that best match the user’s technical specifications. The search can be refined by choosing options based on the order of their importance. The search will return the "best match" for the product specification, based on the order of the selections. Product Gauge will always return the product or supplier that most closely match the technical requirements selected by the user.

The results are being filtered based on your technical product spec’s or P&ID.

The product filter:

How to use Product Gauge links:

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