What are the benefits of Product Gauge?

Engineers & Buyers:

  • Find products and suppliers with just a few mouse clicks. Clear interface of search filter to technically select and compare products and suppliers
  • Increase productivity, faster and easier to search for technical products, suppliers and certificates of compliance
  • Save costs and hours, as our search filter is a time-saving tool that makes the search and selection of products and suppliers more efficient
  • Replacement of the paper product catalog or e-catalog
  • Cost reduction by reducing engineering time, get more done in less time
  • Create and e-mail product lists "bill of material" and product comparison lists
  • Search in detail via filter and review your detailed product data and technical specs                 
  • Search and confirm your specific certificates of compliance                                                   
  • Compare products and suppliers by product range, available and related products 
  • Reduce product selection, engineering and consultancy time                                                     
  • Review and analyze your product offerings to consolidate or benchmark suppliers

 Suppliers & Advertisers:

  • Accelerate your sales growth nationally and internationally
  • Drive new qualified leads to your business
  • Expand your market and customer base
  • Promote your products and services
  • Engineers and buyers review your technical product details and specs
  • Position yourself right next to the manufacturers you represent
  • Get your products specified into applications and systems
  • Increase your advertising presence globally
  • More customer insight
  • Your catalog will receive exposure among a targeted audience searching for products by specification.
  • Encourage B2B sales
  • Drive and improve your customer's buying behavior
  • Save costs, hourly wages and overhead costs by making your product catalog(s) sell online and assist with advice and product selection
  • Improve customer awareness of products and how they perform.
  • No need to invest in new salespeople to drive up sales while Product Gauge can help you to get through to customers
  • Get your company and products added to approved vendor lists

 What is the benefit if I register myself as an user?

If you wish to create and e-mail a search result, comparison and product list for all your selected products, you can do so when you accept our terms of use.

What to do if I cannot find a product on Product Gauge?

It is possible that your product search does not come forward because of the large and broad available product range on Product Gauge. Often there are too few characteristics in a product search. Try to search as specific as possible by selecting the technical characteristics of your product.

Process Properties: Please select Media Temperature for operating, design, process and working temperature rating. For ambient temperature choose Ambient Minimum Temperature or Ambient Maximum temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius. By choosing both minimum and maximum you’ll get a more accurate search result. 

Then select all of the technical features to your search in our Search Filter and click SEARCH to look for the results of the process properties.

Is your product still not found by using the search filter? Please contact us.

Important: Please explain what product you exactly are looking for. Provide all the technical product characteristics and mention the supplier, brand and website where the product or catalogue is shown.

 How do I contact a product supplier?

Product Gauge is not the product supplier, so contacting Product Gauge is therefore pointless.            If you click on the link to the product catalogue or original supplier/manufacturer, you will arrive at the original supplier’s website that contains all product information. Here you will also find information on how you can contact the supplier.

The search results are incorrect, why?

The results are collected per page on Product Gauge and therefore can only be sorted by page. If possible it is therefore important to search for specific products and/or characteristics.

Why is the maximum pressure not applicable for the maximum temperature like published in the original product catalog?

We publish minimum and maximum design ratings of the products independent from de-ratings for pressure compensation due to temperature changes. For de-ratings see the original product catalog.

I am missing a brand, supplier or product, what to do?

To search for multiple products Product Gauge mostly provide data from suppliers which product catalogues are available online. You can search for keywords to find more specific search filter results.

 How do I get the best search results?

You get the best results when you focus on specific product sub-categories. Enter as much of search filter data possible: brand, product category, sub-category, maximum pressure, minimum and maximum media temperature, material of construction, process connections etc. 

No decimal numbers are placed in the Pressure or Temperature rating fields. The decimal mark is a point as an international notation.

Temperature process media ° C and Max Pressure Barg/Psig must be an integer number

 How do I remove a Search?

 By clicking on the cross for the Search button, you clear the search criteria.

How do I register and post my products on Product Gauge?

Contact our sales team to register and request integration of your product catalogue offers on our site: sales@productgauge.com

How accurate is the product information on Product Gauge?

Product information on Product Gauge is up-to-date technical data extracted from product catalogues of hundreds online manufacturers and suppliers, so very accurate

Is there also a mobile version of Product Gauge? 

We offer a responsive design that will optimize our site to be more appropriate for smaller screens; offer simpler navigation and faster load times. With our responsive design, the device (e.g. smart phone, tablet, laptop) does the work and automatically adjusts according to a device’s screen size (large or small) and orientation (landscape or portrait). It switches between these options on-the-fly.

Can I e-mail or compare search results and create a product list with multiple searches and how do I do this?

You can e-mail a search result, product comparison and a product list. Add your search result to the list and you will find a list of your selected or compared products in View My Products or View Comparison at the top-right corner of the screen. You can share your search results or comparison by e-mail.