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Can I control flow with a Ball valve?
  • Ball Valves are not designed and constructed to throttle. Throttling is the opening of the valve slightly to create a certain flow through it. This could cause the seats being damaged by high velocity through the valve. The ballvalve should be opened and closed fully till a full open or full closed orifice is accomplished.
Are needle valves designed to close off a fluid stream in a line?
  • Metering valve are not designed and constructed to shutt off flow. In general they don't have soft seat seals, but a metal needle and seat to control the flow with fine adjustment of the orifice in the valve between the seat and stem. 
What valve is best to shut off flow quickly?
  • In case quick shutt off is required select a ball valve. Realize each valve type has an actuation time. A pneumatic actuated ball valve (AOV, Automated Operated Valve) is a quick switching valve, electrical actuated ball valves actuate in seconds.